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Jhovan Galberth

Position(s): Physical Education and Student Government

Department(s): Educator

Originally from Connecticut, Jhovan Galberth now resides in Hyattsville, Maryland. Jhovan has been in the education field for over 10 years and has been with Chance Academy since 2021 in various roles, most recently focusing on health and physical education.

A graduate of Virginia State University, Jhovan has also been a residential counselor, special education teacher, and anger management facilitator. Because of these many skills, besides teaching his classes, he contributes in many ways to the broader Chance Academy community by also being a teacher assistant, working with the students on developing positive behaviors, and most recently helping them to implement a student government organization.

Jhovan graduated from VSU with a bachelor’s degree in health education in 2013, and has more than five years of work experience in behavior management. He is a true motivator and has a huge heart with a goal of seeing all students achieve at the highest level. Outside of the school system, he has two nonprofits – M.O.V.E. and DadsDoItToo, whose missions are to work at giving back to the community at large.