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Donate to Chance Academy

Chance Academy believes that every student deserves access to a quality education that empowers them to reach their full potential. We’re dedicated to providing exceptional learning experiences, but we can’t do it alone. Your generous donation can make a world of difference.

Your contribution helps us:

  • Enhance Our Programs: Your donation allows us to continually improve our curriculum, ensuring we provide our students with the most relevant and engaging educational experiences.
  • Upgrade Facilities: Your support enables us to maintain and upgrade our facilities, creating an inspiring and conducive learning environment for our students.
  • Foster Innovation: Your generosity fuels research and innovation, helping us stay at the forefront of educational trends and technologies.

Invest in the future by supporting Chance Academy today. Your generosity not only supports our mission but also creates a lasting impact on the lives of our students, shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

Donating via PayPal

Chance Academy accepts donations via PayPal. Please click the Chance Academy logo, below, to donate on PayPal:

Donating via Check

Chance Academy accepts donations in the form of a check.

Please make checks out to: Chance Academy

Please mail checks to:

Chance Academy c/o Issa Lara Combs
6210 Rockhurst Road
Bethesda, MD 20817

Ready to Transform Your Child’s Learning Experience? Get More Info

If you are interested in learning more about our educational community program and exploring whether Chance Academy is right for your child, fill out the form on this page to receive more information.

For immediate questions, call 240-746-2550