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Virginia (Ginny) Fabio

Position(s): Social Studies and Restorative Practices

Department(s): Educator

With a passion for cultural awareness with a historical context, Ginny Fabio has been privileged to work with students and other teachers in K-12th grades in the subjects of history, geography, and social studies as a lead teacher. A graduate of Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, Maryland, Ginny also attended Montgomery College in Rockville and American University in London, England.

Before working at Chance Academy, Ginny owned and operated the Giant Steps Family Childcare Center, where she enjoyed caring for young toddlers and teaching pre-K students. 

Ginny joined Chance Academy in 2013. Aside from creating curriculum for and teaching geography, social studies, and history, she is also the Restorative Practices Coordinator, leading Chance Academy’s unique approach to behavior and discipline. Important to being the coordinator, she is a member of the National Association of Community and Restorative Justice and regularly attends their conferences for continued training and development of skills. 

Ginny appreciates Chance Academy’s professional passion in working with students and staff to build authentic relationships and disciplinary action through a restorative approach.