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Susan Spring

Position(s): Math

Department(s): Educator

Susan Spring began her journey with Chance Academy in 2017 starting as a science teacher. Over time, her passion for mathematics shifted her into a math teaching role at the program.

After Susan graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies at Radford University, she started her 15-year-plus professional teaching career, primarily teaching math and science to elementary- and middle-school students in various public school systems in Virginia and North Carolina. 

During the recent pandemic and lockdown, Susan not only honed her skills at virtual teaching using the Zoom platform, she was also a mentor to other teachers on how to successfully navigate the new world of online learning. Whether online or in person, her desire is to create a community of learners in a respectful environment that mirrors Chance Academy’s mission.

Susan lives in Virginia, where her hobbies are hiking, paddleboarding, and reading. After teaching in the public school environment, she is most happy now at Chance Academy, where she can connect better with her students and their families.