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George Weakley

Position(s): English Language Arts and Gaming

Department(s): Educator

George Weakley has been the English Language Arts teacher for Chance Academy since 2022. An avid reader, George believes that self expression is one of the most important aspects of life.

George graduated from Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, West Virginia with a major in English and a minor in Mass Communication. 

With nearly a decade of experience with teaching English, George has a knack for breaking content down to a level where students of all skill levels can understand. Utilizing a modified Socratic method, George guides students to learning in a qualitative manner. This means his classes learn in a setting where everyone has a voice, and they do not have to worry about tests. George recognizes that everyone learns differently, and helps students find the ways that work best for them. As a teacher, George has been a world traveler and taught throughout America and even in other countries such as Japan and Korea, where he taught English as a second language. Before teaching, George was a journalist, voice actor, and even a radio DJ at one point.