Serve as an educational community that serves as a center for learning, fostering community and belonging, wellness, peace building, and cultural literacy for our students and their families.



To guide our students to be balanced, compassionate, forward-thinking, out-of-the-box individuals.



By nurturing the social, emotional, and academic growth of each child; fostering a culture of mutual support; working as allies with parents to understand each child’s specific strengths and needs; and providing a positive work environment we are redesigning education. 


In our program, students aged 5 to 18, their families, and the Chance Academy Team unite as a community to create a healthy and supportive learning environment. Each student is supported and challenged to reach their highest potential. We accomplish this by promoting intellectual growth, critical thinking skills, socio-emotional development, personal wellness, creativity, and restorative justice practices. 

This comprehensive approach ensures that our students obtain the confidence to pursue their next educational or career path, balanced with a strong foundation for being informed and thoughtful global citizens.