Are you a school?

Chance Academy is a private affordable, educational community program.

We are a choice for families managing the education of their child who is registered as a homeschooler in their county of residence.

Do you charge tuition?
We are an affordable, private educational community program where no family is turned away for inability to pay our modest tuition.
What are your hours?

Please note we have adjusted hours to meet our distance learning requirements due to COVID-19.


In normal circunstances, we are in session from 8:30 AM – 4 PM Monday-Thursday.  Some Fridays are field trip days; otherwise, families must make homeschool arrangements on Fridays. 

What ages and grades does Chance Academy offer programming for?

Chance Academy students range from K-12.

I am a homeschool parent. Can I sign up my child for specific classes at Chance Academy?
Yes.  We offer part-time options, with attendance requirements and tuition based on the days and hours that classes meet.
Are you an accredited academic program?
No.  Our families must undergo academic portfolio reviews twice a year by their county or by a certified homeschool umbrella group.  These reviews ensure that your child is receiving the education requirements as mandated by their county. We are proud to report that our families have always received outstanding reviews.
Do you utilize standardized testing to measure student progress?
No.  If any family would like to have their child take the standardized tests, they have the right to contact their local public school and arrange to have their child attend on the days the tests are taking place.
How do you measure student progress?
Our instructors use a variety of methods to determine mastery of material, from tests and quizzes to essays, projects, and in-class engagement.  Each instructor determines the best options for their class.
More about measuring student progress.
We believe that every student deserves to reflect on their learning goals and progress, both personally and academically.  We set aside time for student-led parent-teacher conferences (SPTC’s) three times a year.  Students and instructors prepare an extensive portfolio that includes sample work, learning objectives, instructor observations, and student reflections for each class.  The students then lead the conference, discuss their growth and acknowledge areas that need improvement.  These portfolios also serve as an integral part of the homeschool review.
How are your class groups configured?

We have multi-aged cohorts, usually ages 4-6, 6-8, 8-10,10-12, and 13 and up.

The groupings are flexible to accommodate specific needs.  We are able to advance a child to a different cohort for English/Language Arts or Math classes.

How do multi-age classrooms work for instructors?
Most children in the 4-10 age cohorts will remain with the same main instructor for at least two years.  This allows us to develop stronger relationships with students and their parents and helps us work more effectively with each child.

Specialized academic teachers work with all the cohorts, particularly for math and/or science.

Is there a volunteer requirement for parents?
Yes.  There are many ways in which parents can participate in the program, including morning and lunchtime playground supervision, serving breakfast, cleaning cooking or serving dishes, or being a chaperone on field trips.  Parents do not have to be onsite to complete their volunteering requirement.
What is the ratio of instructors to children?
No more than 1:12; most of our classes have a 1:6 ratio.
What is your selection process?
All of our participating families go through a series of interviews and conversation in which we discuss the child’s needs, the parents’ expectations, and our specific approach to education.  If we agree that we could be a potential match for one another, parents are invited to visit our site, meet with our instructors, and see some classes in action. After these visits, the child can come and spend a part of a day or a full day at the program.  Families, children, and the Chance team come together after these visits to determine if we are a mutually good fit.
What is the cost?

Tuition cost for the 2021-2022 year is under review.  Scholarships are available and determined on a case by case basis.

Do you serve breakfast and lunch onsite?

Please note we have adjusted schedules and offerings to meet our distance learning requirements due to COVID-19.

In normal circumstances, we serve only breakfast.  Children bring their own lunch as well as healthful snacks.  There is a morning and afternoon snack period each day.

My child has an IEP. Can you work with students who need accommodations?
Our staff is not trained to work with students with IEP’s.  On occasion, if the needs are mild or if successful outside resources are part of the child’s regimen, we can consider some attendance options.