Our participating families come from many different backgrounds, cultures, and educational experiences, but all share specific values that make Chance Academy the right place for them and their child.

  •       They value being actively engaged in their child’s learning.
  •       They want their child to be in an environment that honors individuality.
  •       They work as allies with staff members who care about their child’s learning and overall well-being.
  •       They seek an intimate and supportive sense of community.
  •       They appreciate the importance of the arts and of arts-integrated learning.
  •       They understand the Chance model of social and emotional learning as an essential component of intellectual development.
  •       They support a nonviolent, peace-building approach to discipline.
  •       They have a desire to raise conscious global citizens.
  •       They agree that learning happens everywhere, not just in a classroom.
  •       They are aware that developmental milestones are reached at different times for every child.
  •       They are concerned about the stress level of constant standardized testing.
  •       They are open to innovative ideas.

They know that the Chance Academy model does not work without their support and input.